Monday, October 1, 2012

Celebrate the Small Victories

Today started out pretty crummy but quickly turned around, once I put my head to the ground and got to work.

After submitting essays, transcripts, and commentaries, I was getting ready to go to an information session for the California State Auditor Office when Caro reminded me to get some stuff out of my mailbox. I found a stack of important dates, upcoming class assignments, and graded assignments. The assignment at the bottom was a memo I had written for Local. I was caught off-guard a bit when I saw the grade.

A perfect 10.

I haven't gotten a grade like that, in a class I care about, in who knows how long. I was pretty excited for this little thing. I leaned over and asked Isabel what she got on her memo. She replied and when I told her my grade, she brightened and reaffirmed my own excitement. I told her that this was the best grade I've gotten in so long. She looked at me like I was crazy and told me that I needed to have a little bit more faith in myself.

She's right. Isabel reminded me that even though we're working toward this bigger picture, it's the small victories along the way that make up the bigger picture and make it that much more worth it. I got a promotion at work, along with a raise. I had a good pre-interview today. I got that 10 on a memo.

Like Isabel said: celebrate the small victories.

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