Thursday, November 29, 2012

Down to the Wire

While making note on upcoming deadlines and presentations today, I had a nasty realization: I have five class days left until the end of the semester.

I call this nasty because it's crept up on me. In the past, I have been anxiously awaiting the winter break and counting down the days, all while either huddled in a corner of the library over my computer or curled up in the fetal position, wondering how I was going to survive the remaining days.

This time around, I am not that scared person. Yes, the end has caught me by surprised, but it has instead served as a motivator. It is motivating me to move my ass, finish these papers BEFORE the deadlines, and begin preparing for the next chapter of graduate school: MASTER'S POLICY REPORT.

The Master's Policy Report (MPR), for those not familiar, is the equivalent of a master's thesis. But instead, we are working with clients to produce a relevant report, showing that we are capable of applying the skills we just paid nearly $30,000 to learn. Most of us have successfully found clients and have, more or less, begun the research. Yours truly, however, is still searching and anxiously waiting to hear back from several transportation-related agencies who might have work for me.

This, however, is not my priority at the moment. It should be, but there are more pressing things that need my attention. Things such as:

  • Job application assessment
  • Modeling and forecasting problem set for TLUP
  • Paper on Fruitvale TOD (also for TLUP)
  • Case analysis that is WAY past due
  • Several small memos
  • Several GIS maps
  • Preparing a presentation for a public meeting that will involve a public official whom I (and many of my colleagues) have very little respect for
  • Studying for the only exam that I have to sit for
All things considered, this list is completely manageable and would have been smaller, had I been diligent with my deadlines earlier in the semester. Oh well. The fact that I'm not hugging my knees and rocking back and forth is a good indicator that I have grown up and have finally learned how to manage impending deadlines. 

So while I'm used to drowning myself in Redbull and caffeinated tea, I think wine will suit me just fine this time around. After all, I am an adult and in graduate school. In graduate school, we keep it classy. Plus, I am my mother's daughter. 

Here's to rounding out the semester with full force and a head held high.

Friday, November 9, 2012


I don't have much to post right now, other than the fact that I'm in the throes of midterm season, in which we have something due almost every day for a two week period. In short: not many exciting things are happening. Well, they are, but there's a LOT to write about and I'm not exactly graced with a bounty of time and leisure.

So instead, I will entertain you with some quotes that arise during homework parties (or not), often with my best friend Anne or some of my PPOL colleagues.

"What you're doing is like fingering. It feels so good, but it's the start to some not-go-great decisions." -Me, upon Anne mentioning her desire for a hamburger and milkshake.
"I'm like the alcohol to your studying." -Anne, in response to my previous comment.
"It's like the Bush Administration. Lots of damage done in 8 years that isn't going to go away overnight." -Me, telling the massage therapist about the state of my back and why it's so knotted up along the spine.
This will be one of those posts that will be continually updated. Until I knockout these two analyses, I'll refrain from updating (as much as I want to). But I have some worthy topics to discuss, like my nerdy transportation obsessions.

All in due time, as my dad says.