Sunday, September 16, 2012

Again? Already? OR An Internal Soliloquy on the Realization of the Fast-Approaching Real World

While discussing a class assignment with Michaela and lamenting how lost we feel in our work and not sure what our professor wants from us in this assignment, it dawned on me: I have 8 months to go until I have another degree.


We're four weeks into the semester and all I can think about is how quickly senior year of undergrad went by. And while the work is now more time- and effort- intensive, I realize that this year will also go by, quick as a whip.


Juggling work and class and these recent travel adventures has proven to be tough, but if I can survive this, I can survive anything. Even this economy and mediocre job market we're about to graduate into.


That's another thing I have to add to the list. Updating resumes, references, editing cover letters, ironing blouses.

Is this what my life is going to end up being like? An endless To-Do list?

God, I love grad school.

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