Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Different College Experience, or Why I'm Doing This to Myself

Against my better judgment, I have decided to start blogging about my graduate school experiences. I figure with all the readings and the writing I'm going to be doing, I better get in the habit of doing it all on a regular basis. I tried this during my undergrad, but that failed miserably. Hopefully, I will do a better job this time around.

A little about me: I just finished my undergrad at Mills College in Oakland and received a B.A. in International Relations and minored in Economics. Now, I'm continuing my graduate studies in Public Policy, also at Mills. How do the two relate, you may ask? Answer: they don't. I don't plan on using my BA for anything except to pad my resumé and joke that the reason I studied this was so that I could have international affairs. Instead, I found my new love in Public Policy, specifically transportation policy and planning. In a perfect world, I would be a bicycle/pedestrian planner and work to make riding bikes everywhere increasingly more desirable. For now, I will focus on the general studies and then hone in on the skills, possibly go back to grad school for City/Regional Planning. But for now, the economy sucks and I need to get through this masters program first.

I hope to post daily (which will probably turn into weekly) updates on my experiences, thoughts, comments, complaints, and questions regarding this new chapter in my life. If all goes well, this will be my outlet to bitch and moan, instead of my friends having to listen to me. They may not be in grad school, but they also have their busy lives. I figure this is a way to spare them.

So, enjoy! Feel free to ask questions, tell related stories, offer advice. All of it is welcome & I'll do my best to respond accordingly and in a timely manner. Because remember, school first.


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