Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Impending Deadlines

In case you haven't seen me lately and have been hoping to see me soon, here are seven reasons as to why you won't see me for the next 4 weeks (sorry Scorchers!).

  1. Monday, April 8: First draft of MPR is due
  2. Thursday, April 11: Op-Ed & Book review due
  3. Wednesday, April 24: Transportation policy paper due 
  4. Friday, May 3rd: MPR is due
In addition to these due dates, there's:
  • Parking studies: Wed. April 3, Thurs. April 4, Mon. April 8, and Tues. April 9*
  • Presentations: TWO presentations on Tuesday, April 30, one for my MPR and the other for a campaign strategy assignment.
  • Work: I just put in for extended leave from employment! BUT... I will be using the work time to spend late nights finishing papers.
  • Packing: My partner and I have decided to be completely moved out, with our belongings in storage, by the time graduation rolls around. 
I'm at a crossroads in which things are falling comfortably into place, but I've begun to question how I will handle the constant stress of the coming weeks. I've turned to cigarettes and Adderall before to get through crunch times like these and I'm wondering which is worse: addictive tobacco or a mild, legal form of speed? [Opinions and comments welcomed!]

My thesis is ongoing and I'm tying up loose ends. I feel one hell of a bonfire beneath my butt when it comes to the deadlines but as things start to knock off, it will be easier. In the meantime, please forgive me for being absent for the next four weeks. Check back; you may find rants, epiphanies, and other commentaries on here. Hopefully, some successes too. :)

*Still looking for volunteers to help with parking studies. Reach out for information!*

This is, more or less, how I'm feeling about my deadlines. Where's the water?!

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  1. God, can you imagine how good it will feel to meet all of those deadlines and feel all of the stress fall away. I am going to be so lost without all of this pressure! I would love to cart you around but, Thesis.